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Touch sensor


DONGWOO FINE-CHEM produces and supplies touch sensors that are widely applied to a variety of display products that are essential to modern people. Through superior technology, specialized materials, and thorough quality management, we provide the best products to meet your needs.

It became a major player
in next-generation display market
with creative technology.

Product Description

The most intuitive interface, the key touch sensor on the touch panel
It is applied to a wide range of applications with optimized processes, leading the emotional touch-oriented display industry that goes beyond technical limitations.

Touch sensor structure and operating principles

Form a touch sensor pattern inside the active area of the multi-layer structure, including 2Layer or insulation layer, respectively, to form a constant voltage on the upper surface of the application (Cap value). When the finger is touched, the touch sensor detects the change in charge value and recognizes the touch point position value.

Touch Sensor Product Range

DONGWOO FINE-CHEM produces multi-touch and capacitive touch sensors with excellent durability. The capacitive touch sensor is an excellent touch-driven method that is widely applied to mobile products by detecting minor changes in capacitance when touching a surface and calculating the touch position. DONGWOO FINE-CHEM has excellent technical skills and specialized materials. We provide our customers with the best touch sensor products through thorough quality management.
DONGWOO FINE-CHEM continues to develop high-quality touch sensors through thinning and fine pattern implementation technology through thinning application of thin glass. In addition, we will continue to develop processes and materials that can apply a variety of materials suitable for flexible displays to satisfy customer needs and continue to be a leader in touch sensors that can lead technology trends.

Capacitance Touch Sensor

DONGWOO FINE-CHEM's Touch Sensor implements high quality standards and the highest level of Fine Pattern for customers.

This is the state-of-the-art on-cell touch sensor that is applied to AMOLED on next-generation displays.



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