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AoD (Antenna on Display)


Dongwoo Fine-Chem provides the world’s first AoD antenna technology integrating
transparent antennas onto the display to realize dual polarization across
the triple-band of n257, n258, and n260.

AoD will lead the way
in the world's mmWave
5G network era.


AoD realizes dual polarization on three most commonly
used mmwave 5G frequencies globally
with Transparent Antennas.

Transparent Antenna

AoD uses micro-processing technology that creates invisible antennas in metal patterns that are
about one-hundredth as thin as hair, and integrates them onto a display with Dongwoo Fine-Chem's
proprietary Transfer Technology.
The display can act as a high-performance antenna while maintaining high display quality through
AoD technology.

Triple-Band & Dual Polarization Antenna for mmWave 5G

AoD is the world’s first antenna technology integrating transparent antennas onto the display to realize dual polarization across the Triple-Band of mmWave 5G (n257, n258, and n260).

360-degree of coverage for mmWave 5G

Current mmWave 5G smartphones have AiP (Antenna in Package) built into the side or the back of the device.
AoD complements existing AiP to realize the 360-degree of coverage required for mmWave 5G.


AoD technology has applications in communication infrastructure beyond cellular phones. It offers a smaller footprint and outstanding performance, improving the visual aesthetics of urban areas.

Dongwoo Fine-Chem's transparent antenna is available for various frequency bands such as LTE, 5G, WiFi6, and UWB. The transparent antenna can be used in a variety of ways on many devices that require
high-speed communications.

Applications of Transparent Antenna

Transparent antennas can be installed on various objects around us, such as a glass window in a building,
street lamps, the wall of a bus stop or a signboard, and wearable devices.
AoD technology goes beyond people's imagination to provide convenience in people's daily lives.

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